What Are The Best Alternative Activities in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the most famous cities in Australia. However, there is a lot more to see beyond its iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge: for example, stunning parks with panoramic views of the city.

Sydney is famous for an array of attractions, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and even Bondi Beach. These majestic and more obvious landmarks are at top of most traveler’s bucket lists when visiting Sydney but those who have already experienced these great destinations may be wanting a couple others to see or do in order to make their visit unique. Here are 5 quirky things you can explore without missing out on any major sites!

Museum of Human Disease

The Museum of Human Disease is an unusual attraction to spot into during your Sydney adventure, but it’s also a very fascinating one! Home to over 2,500 specimens which display various human tissue preserved in formalin. These include organs such as lungs and the heart that have been blackened by smoking or parasites like tapeworms and roundworms. The museum displays these with dignity–it isn’t for those who are faint-hearted because each exhibit has something even more gruesome than the last: teratomas (benign tumors) containing teeth growing from them; malignant breast cancer cells dividing under magnification; hemorrhaging ulcers on someone’s colon wall—all reminders of our fragile mortality.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Wendy Whiteley was devastated when her husband died in 1992. She threw herself into restoring the patch of land under their house, which she found to be a perfect outlet for grief and as an escape from reality after feeling like there wasn’t much left worth living for. After 25 years of hard labor, Wendy’s Secret Garden has been transformed into one beautiful secret garden with old sinks and hidden treasures scattered about through greenery that only few know exist within Sydney!

North Sydney station is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can experience an afternoon in this picturesque patch just minutes away from the busy train stop, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way!

‘Forgotten Songs’ Sound Sculptures

You don’t want to miss out on a single second of the spectacle that is Angel Place. Suspended high above the streets are scores and scores of cages, each one housing an elegant bird for all passers-by to enjoy in admiration. The artist created these pieces with intentionality – commemorating 50 once thriving birds now extinct or living at Sydney’s edge by representing their calls through various melodies played from every corner and crevice possible in this vast space overhead!

The Floating Forest

A short train ride from Sydney’s CBD is a series of shipwrecks rusting away in the water. One of them, which has been abandoned for decades and now grown over with trees; its hull is barely recognizable anymore as one would never know that this once was an ocean-going vessel navigating around! The forested wreck lies hidden among mangrove swamps just off shore to create a truly unique sight especially during sunset or sunrise when it looks like something out of another world!

The Coastal Walks

Wake up at the crack of dawn for a truly stunning start to your morning with an invigorating walk along Sydney’s favorite coastal walking tracks. Many locals do this daily, starting their day off by putting on some running shoes and enjoying that fresh sea air before grabbing themselves a coffee to wake them up even more!

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